Design Philosophy

Aarivaa is an ideology that Living must not only be luxurious and comfortable but essentially positive and inspired, a state of well being enhanced by rich experiences and interactions. 'Aarivaa' is a term evolved from two words that join to mean 'honored and vivacious life.'

Architecture & Design of Aarivaa A defining attribute of Aarivaa is its fusion of modern design with traditional facets eminent in Gujarati homes since antiquity. Knowledge and values of a culture are passed on from generation to generation but evolve with advancement of time, technology and changing lifestyles. Aarivaa's design philosophy has accurately tapped into these shifting social patterns of a multicultural postmodern age and hybridized its creative manifestation into a synthesis of contemporary comfort with preservation of defining classic characteristics of Gujarati living.

The aesthetic of the space attempts to blur boundaries of visual perception of the indoors and the outdoors with the use of native local materials. The use of art and illustration in the interiors brings amusing insights into Gujarati folklore. The planning is mindful about its environmental impact and has been committed to plantations and green facades in the premise. Each aspect of Aarivaa's space and services has been consciously thought to the minutest detail. We also feel proud to act as cultural agents in the society serving to the awareness for our culture.

Architecture of the space is designed by the family architecture studio and their team, Zedo Group of Architects & Designers headed by Nimit Kamdar & Kirit Kamdar. Art & Graphic design is led by Prachi Kamdar and Landscape architecture is directed by Isha Katti & Ila Kamdar.